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About Us

Welcome to The Greater Goods Co.!

I'm Chloe and I'm an environmental scientist from Sydney's coastal town of Cronulla. Since a young age, I've had a strong love for our oceans and waterways, which has seen my passion for looking after and protecting its beauty grow immensely.


It's an understatement that we have a large plastic problem. Our land is filling up, our oceans are constantly battling with plastic debris, and our animals are trying to survive in garbage filled habitats. Our general, daily waste is one of the biggest contributors to these problems. We are only now acknowledging the extent of this crisis and as much as this is a worldwide problem, the problem starts with us, on an individual level.


The main pieces of waste found on beach cleans are plastic lids, plastic straws, plastic ziplocks and styrofoam. The time for change is now, we need to collectively start making these small changes for the greater good of our planet.

I started this business to help place funky, sustainable and environmentally friendly products in front of you so the process can be that little bit easier.

Making the switch can seem difficult at first and often put in the 'too hard basket', but that's where I aim to change your perspective. I have hand selected and designed these products, ensuring they are functional and aesthetic, making the transition smoother and a lot more trendy. 

Thank you so much for being apart of this movement, and welcome to the Greater Goods family!

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