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Create A Low-Waste Kitchen With These Simple Steps

So we are all here because we all want to a little bit better.

Or are at least curious.

I completely understand how hard and overwhelming trying to change every aspect in your life to be more eco conscious.

That’s why I thought this blog might be a good idea as there are a couple of very simple things you can change in the kitchen that make a huge impact.



Having a compost as you know from our previous blog, has a HUGE impact on our outgoing wastage. Once you start, you will not believe that you used to throw organic natural food wastage into plastic bags destined for landfill.

Not only that, you reduce greenhouse gases and create a perfect soil topper for your garden!


Use less plastic

Use containers to keep food instead of gladwrap

Cover food with either a cloth for short term use or a gladwrap alternative such as Silicone Stretch Lids or beeswax wraps for a more lengthy seal.

Don’t forget about the good ol' fashion upside down bowl over the plate to cover as well

If you already have plastic food containers, check what kind of plastic, refer to our BPA blog and check the symbols on the containers, if they are old, be weary as plastic breaks down and leaches toxins over time.

If your plastic containers are safe and good to go then reuse them and slowly start to make the switch to glass containers- better for you and the environment.



Easy Swaps

  • Swap your dishcloths to compostable cloths (Click Here For My Fav Brand!)
  • Swap plastic dish brush to a natural dish brush made from wood and coconut sisal bristles (Click Here)
  • Swap washing up liquid in numerous bottles to just a dish soap blocks (Click Here)
  • Swap cling wrap to beeswax wraps or Silicone Lids (Click Here)
  • Swap your well used plastic containers to glass tupperware (Click Here)
  • Swap your bin liners to compostable bin liners (Click Here)


Some simple steps, now you don't have to go super Eco straight away and do it all at once, I always like to tell my customers, slow steps. That way you don't over buy at the start when you revamp your kitchen set up. 

You could start with even just one or two of these swaps and changes and go from there!



Chloe xox 



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